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Shirtless man in cargo pants

Size Guide

Normally you're a medium, sometimes you're a large and sometimes you manage to even be a small.  What gives? Welcome to the world of size discrepancies in fashion.

It is something which happens everywhere, for men and women. So if you don't always have a 'standard' size, the good news is that you aren't alone.

We know that our products also tend to suffer from the same issue so we are shortly working on having a full size guide against each item, so that you know exactly what you're buying.

In the meantime, if we know that a certain item has a slightly larger or smaller fit we will state this in the description. 

What might also be of some help is to know exactly how to measure yourself when dealing with chest sizes and inside leg measurements. Once you've got it, it's simple - so here goes. Get a tape measure.


For the most accurate measurements do this shirtless.

Wrap the tape measure around your chest, under your arms so it goes around your back then meets in the centre of your chest again. Choose the fullest part of your chest, which is normally in line with the nipples. 

Allow the tape measure to be snug but not tight.

Take the measurement in both centimetres and inches.


Again to keep this accurate wear as little as possible.

Your waist measurements are done at about belly button level. Same as with the chest, wrap the tape around so it comes back to the front on your stomach. For comfort place a finger between your body and the tape then take the measurement.

Inside Leg

Take your shoes off but keep your jeans/trousers on then hold the tape measure from the lowest part of your crotch (to be frank here, just under your crown jewels)  right down to the bottom of the ankle. Don't measure down to the floor or you'll buy jeans that are too long. This measurement can be tricky so you might need someone to assist.

That's it, well all you'll need for shopping with us!

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