If you'd like to get involved we want to hear from you.

While we can't offer any physical payment we can give you some free clothes now and again, discounts and use of all photos that we take.

It is a really relaxed approach and we're looking for men of all ages (16+) and all body types. Most shoots are done in the evenings in our shop, when we are closed. No experience required and absolutely no pressure.



The 'Love Island' body is not at the top of our list. We are interested in a fair representation of the everyday, normal north-east bloke. So this means that if you have guns of steel and a washboard stomach: great. If you're not a gym fan and don't fit in to a size 30 waist: great. If you have a smooth face and even smoother chest: great. If you have stubble and a mini forest growing on your torso: great. Honestly. It really doesn't matter. 

Please click the link below to access our registration form.

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We are proud to showcase designers and labels from the north-east