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The Body Survey

We are in 2024 and while body acceptance for the female body is quite rightly a hot topic, the same for the male body seems to largely be forgotten about. Over the last year or so we have noticed that the larger sizes sell out a lot quicker in our store but we tend to stop at XL or 2XL in many ranges - what if people actually want larger sizes and are too embarrassed to ask if we have them? What if smaller sizes like XS are in demand but we're not supplying them? What if people are so unconfident about their own body shape and size that they're just making do?

The human body is a wonderful thing so why do some of us feel that we can't accept what we've got? The Body Survey is going to help us research several areas when it comes to men. Firstly it will gain an understanding of what the real sizes are for men who want to shop with us and how we can better provide a range to suit as many different sizes and shapes as possible. Secondly we want to find out what it is that men like about their body and what they don't, what makes them feel this way and how much pressure is placed upon them from the outside like social media and television. What can we do to improve body confidence in men?

We also want men to be able to embrace what they've got and invite everyone to take part not only in the survey but also our 'Dare to Bare' gallery which we plan to use to showcase bodies of all shapes and sizes, to prove that we are all unique - and that's what makes us who we are.

We're going to run the survey throughout this year so there's plenty of time to participate - keep checking this page for more updates as the results start to come through.

The link to start the survey is below - please let us know if you experience any issues accessing it.

Click here to start The Body Survey

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