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Why visit Whitley Bay?

We know that the seaside town of Whitley Bay is probably not at the very top of your list for doing a spot of shopping on a Saturday afternoon. You've probably not visited for several years, but there are many reasons for making the trip.

Back in the day

We're here. And that's reason enough. We can help north-east blokes look good, without needing to flash the designer label or pay the designer price. Our collection looks good, it doesn't appear to be cheap and some of our pieces can't be found anywhere else on the high street.

We're about to start working with a couple of local designers which we're really excited about. Plus you don't have to be a 20-something to wear our range, our gear is aimed at the 20-50 age range and fashion is all about you: if you like it, wear it!

Brian looking handsome in our Brave Soul shirt

It's no secret that work in Whitley Bay to regenerate the sea front is taking an absolute age, but it is still happening albeit at a slow pace. However in our street alone (Park View) there are plenty of new retailers opening up, especially coffee shops and places to eat plus we even have a couple of micro breweries in the town centre too.

We're big fans of shopping local. Come and check us out. See what you've been missing all of these years. We're pretty sure that when you've seen what Whitley Bay has to offer, you'll make it a regular visit.

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