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We made the news!

North-east newspaper the News Guardian has published an article on how our store is helping to support local clothing designers get their work noticed.

Since January we've been proud to support the talent of the local area and now have 3 brilliant designers showcasing their work in our Whitley Bay store and on our website. TriXta, Low Quay and Longsands have had their collections very well received and we have another brand coming very soon to join them - details on the way shortly!

Shopping and supporting local is very important to us. Setting up a business is a big challenge and by providing a high street outlet for talent like this means that our store becomes a hub for celebrating everything which is great about where we live. There are some pieces that you can't get from anywhere else - and that's much better than wearing something mass produced which you can get in every town in the country.

Have a read of the article at and please come and see us next time you're in the area.

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