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Looking for local models

You know how much we love supporting everything local and our next project is to find a couple of local lads who are interested in modelling for us. We already have one local fella who you might recognise in some of our photos, but we want some more faces to help showcase some of the great gear we have on sale.

We're going to be redeveloping our web store over the coming months and we want to hear from people who are genuinely interested in getting involved.

There isn't really a criteria that you need to fit into, so to answer the questions we have already had:

Age isn't important, our store caters for men of all ages.

Body type/size is not important, we stock sizes from XS to 3XL. What is important is that our website reflects our customer base.

You don't have to have a permanent sun tan, 6 pack abs and a waxed chest. Honestly, it really doesn't matter.

What's in it for you?

Well, as a relatively new business we can't offer anything financial in return. However, we can give you some free clothes and some hefty discounts when you shop in our store. Plus you can have digital copies of all photographs used. You'll also have our eternal thanks and man hugs.

What do I do next?

Drop us an email. Attach a couple of photos or holiday snaps if you want. Our address is

Join Brian as one of our models

Why are we doing this?

Fashion is about you. It's about doing what you want in clothes that you like to wear. Everyone can be interested in fashion. Fashion models are completely under represented when it comes to the 'everyday man'. This man comes in many different shapes and sizes - why can't he get in on the action? Well, he can if he wants.


Just get in touch. We're the everyday man too. We're looking forward to hearing from you if you've made it this far down the page.

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