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Need a hand before pay day?

It's the week before pay day, you're strapped for cash but you've seen a new top and don't want it to sell out but you can't afford it.

We'd like to help lighten the load slightly so you don't miss out and are giving you the opportunity to reserve any items from our store in Whitley Bay for a small deposit (20% of the full price).

We'll keep the items to one side for you for 14 days which means that when you get paid you simply call back, pay the remaining amount and take your purchase home with you.

No additional charges, no hassle.

Just remember to come back before 14 days or you'll lose your deposit and the goods will go back on sale again.

Talk to us, we're flexible with the 14 days thing. Give it a try - just ask for our deposit reserve offer :o)

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