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Covid Measures in store from 19 July

Sometimes it is hard to know what we're allowed and not allowed to do, everyone has their own opinions and for business it makes things tricky. But things are about to change.

It is being called "Freedom Day" but we still need to be extremely careful. Restrictions around social distancing in England come to an end from Monday 19 July but we are going to be taking a cautious approach.

This time around, it's all about choice and being sensible. We will respect your choice and hope that you will respect ours too, when shopping with us. Here's the info.

  • Staff in store have chosen to continue to wear face coverings when a customer is inside the shop.

  • We would like you to also wear a face covering, but it is your choice if you decide not to. We won't query this.

  • Hand sanitiser is available in the shop and we'd like you to use this please. We also have some free disposable face masks which you are welcome to take.

  • If the shop looks too busy, please wait outside for people to leave.

  • Our fitting room is available as normal. Any items which are tried on but not purchased will be sanitised and steamed before they are put out on sale again.

  • We'd still like you to remove the hangers from your purchase so that we can sanitise them.

  • We're trialling temporarily removing the perspex screens from the counter. If you choose not to wear a mask, please keep your distance.

It's not rocket science, it's about being sensible and looking after each other. Whatever your thoughts are on the pandemic, it is still here and will be for quite some time. Be kind.

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