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Important information for Wish customers

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

As we enter the Tier 4 situation in England, our retail shop is forced to close until at least mid-January. With this in mind we know that many Wish customers who use our store as a collection point will have some questions. We will try and answer as many as we can here.

Please note that we are only a collection point for Wish orders. We do not have access to your account or your contact details. Please contact Wish directly via the app with any detailed enquiries.

When can I collect my Wish order while your shop is closed?

Our shop is available for customer collection every Saturday from 11:00am until 2:30pm during lockdown. Please only call for your order if your Wish app is showing it as ready for collection. You will not be able to come into the shop but please knock on our door and a member of staff will scan your QR code from your Wish app and pass your order to you. Don't forget to bring your phone with you as we can't release your order until we have scanned the code from it. We may be dealing with other Wish customers, or our own customers, during this period so please bear with us if you have to wait for a short time.

I can't come to the shop on a Saturday to collect my Wish order. How can I get it?

Please email us: We will come up with a solution so that you are able to pick up your order. Please be patient as we are trying to deal with Wish queries as well as being forced to close our own business. We will get back to you as soon as we can. The phone line into the shop is likely to not be answered whilst we are closed.

When will my order be ready for collection?

We don't know which orders are going to be ready for collection until we receive them from the courier. Even then, the orders do not show your name so until we scan your code we don't know which orders are for which customer. Please do not call to our store to pick up your Wish order unless it is showing in your app as ready for collection. We recommend that you contact Wish Customer Services via the Wish app as they have access to your details and should be able to help you with timescales. There may be a delay in us receiving your order from the courier as we will not always be at the shop to accept it.

My Wish order was showing as ready for collection but now it isn't?

Please contact Wish Customer Services via the Wish app. We can't help you with this query because we don't have access to your account.

My order is showing as refunded, why is this?

Please contact Wish Customer Services via the Wish app. We can't help you with this query because we don't have access to your account.

What happens if my order is not collected?

The Wish process is that uncollected orders are refunded (sometimes minus a fee) and the item/s are made available for other customers to buy. If your order has been refunded we are not allowed to give it to you. Please contact Wish Customer Services via the Wish app if you need to enquire further about this. We are unable to hold on to uncollected orders for longer than the time specified by Wish so please do not ask us to do so - we can't override their rules or processes.

Can someone else collect my order on my behalf?

Yes, but they must provide us with the QR code from the Wish app because we need to scan this in to identify your parcel. Neither Hamiedog Menswear or Wish can be responsible for the fulfilment of orders which are shared with third parties by you, i.e. please only share your Wish order details with someone you can trust to pass on the parcel to you.

I have a problem with my order, what should I do?

Please contact Wish Customer Services via the Wish app.

Can I return an order to Wish through your shop?

Unfortunately not, we are only a pickup point not a drop off point. You will need to contact Wish Customer Services via the Wish app.

I have a different question which isn't answered here.

Please contact Wish Customer Services via the Wish app. As already mentioned above, our store is only a pickup point. We don't see what is inside your parcel, we don't know which parcel is for which customer until we scan the code in your Wish app and we are unable to offer a delivery service for Wish orders. Basically, we have no control over any element of the process apart from the pickup of your item. Everything prior to that point is managed by Wish.

Thanks for your co-operation and understanding during what is going to be another difficult time for us all. We will try as much as we can to help you with your Wish order, but largely our hands are tied by the procedures put in place by Wish. We are required to abide by their rules in order for us to offer this service.

This page was last updated on 2 January 2021.

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