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Important Trading Update

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

We are all facing a very uncertain, worrying and disruptive period over the next few months with the continual threat of COVID-19 (coronavirus) spreading across the world. It is a testing time for us all and the recommendations are changing at a very fast pace.

The latest Government instructions mean that we have had to temporarily close our Whitley Bay shop for what we hope will just be a short period.

Unfortunately this means that we are also having to stop all website orders with immediate effect so have removed the facility to complete any orders.

WISH orders - we know a lot of you use our Whitley Bay shop to collect your Wish orders from. Clothes shops are classed as non-essential and this means that we are no longer able to travel to the store, and neither are you. If you have a WISH order please can we respectfully ask you to contact WISH Customer Services via the app to discuss what your options are. At this stage we do not know how they are dealing with this situation.

These are unprecedented times. Please look after yourselves and people close to you. Check on your neighbours, the elderly and those who are in high-risk groups. We are all going to need to pull together to get through this.

Scott and Maz at Hamiedog

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