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The Body Survey 2023

We have just launched our new project for summer: The Body Survey 2023 and we want as many men, and those who identify as male, to take part.

We want to get a true understanding on what the real body size and dimensions are of people who shop, or want to shop with us.

It may well be possible that we aren't catering for everyone and this is something which we need to know, so we can fix it!

We also want to find out what we all like about our body, what we don't and the pressures which may or may not be put upon us from various sources.

In the future we will publish the anonymous results which we hope you will check back for. We are also launching our 'Dare To Bare' gallery for men to prove that we should embrace what we've got, whatever shape and size we are.

Please take part in the survey if you can as the more competed results we get - the more accurate it will be. No obligations to answer all questions but eternal thanks for getting involved.

The survey is live until the end of October at

If you have any queries don't hesitate to contact us.

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