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Want it but can't afford it all in one go?

OK, you don't want to hear it but a certain festive season is not that long ahead and believe it or not some people have already started their Christmas shopping. If truth be told, some people started months ago.

We're giving you a hand this year. As you know, most of the gear we sell is limited edition and it can be disappointing when we've sold out of something you've been saving for - especially if it is for a present. So we are giving you the chance to pay in installments once more.

It is really simple and open to all orders over £50.00. Choose what you want and come to the counter as normal, pay a deposit of at least 10% of the total value. We will take some brief details and give you a receipt, then you can make installment payments over the next few months. When you're paid in full, you can take the order home.

No credit check, no interest to pay, just our way of making things a little easier for you if you need it.

You should aim to make at least one payment a month and 4 months is probably the maximum that we will hold on to items for.

Just ask in store - no hassle, no drama.

Terms and conditions

  • Available on all purchases in store over £50.00.

  • You must make an initial deposit payment of at least 10% of the total value.

  • A minimum of one payment per month should be made.

  • A maximum period of installment payments is over 4 months.

  • You can choose how much each installment payment is for.

  • You will receive a receipt for each payment so you know how much is remaining to pay.

  • The total amount of the goods must be paid in full before they can be taken home.

  • It is up to you to make payments, we will not send reminders out.

  • If you do not complete your agreement, your deposit payment may not be returned to you.

  • This offer is not available to online purchases.

  • A credit check will not be performed and no interest will be charged.

  • Availability of this offer is entirely at our own discretion.

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