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Why we love Whitley Bay

Whitley Bay is fighting back. The town has seen its fair share of hard times over recent years but things are beginning to finally look up. Investment is taking place along the sea front and while this seems to be taking an age to complete, there are now visible changes noticeable, especially around the old Spanish City site which has been an eyesore for several years.

See this stunner at the Spanish City Dome

We chose Whitley Bay to open our store because we can see the passion and adoration that people have for it, and that's just the local business owners. Park View, where we are based, is full of unique independent retailers and service providers. We're sure they won't mind us saying that they aren't exactly thriving right now but there is a feeling that things are soon going to change.

Whitley Bay used to be *THE* place to shop, especially at Park View "where all of the posh shops are". We want to help make the town return to its former glory. We've joined the local Chamber of Trade and are supporting the new #OurWhitleyBay scheme which aims to promote and showcase the brilliant things which are taking place here.

But we can't all do it alone. We need YOU - the shopper. Please engage with all of the great campaigns that we're doing, change your shopping habits - only for one day of the week - and have a walk through the town centre to see what you have been missing for all of this time.

We love Whitley Bay. Please help the place to keep going because if everyone doesn't get behind us, we may not be talking about it in a few years time...

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