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Blokes, we know how much you hate clothes shopping...

It's a nightmare isn't it? You go into a clothes shop, normally with your other half, and stand around waiting for it to be over. By the time it comes to choosing your own stuff you have lost the will to live.

Ok, it's maybe not quite THAT bad!

OK, it's not quite as bad as the bloke in the photo (is it?!) but we'd all rather be doing something else if truth be told. We hear you. Nobody really wants to spend half of their days shopping for the essentials but we honestly want to make the experience a bit more bearable.

We can help. So you're looking for a nice pair of shorts for your holidays and maybe a couple of t-shirts and a smart shirt? Ask us what we've got - simple. You don't even have to come into the store.

We offer a personal service at no extra charge, it's really that easy. Drop us an email (, give us a call (0191 2533549), even send us a Facebook message ( and let us do the hard work so you can spend more of your time outside of the shops.

Just tell us what you're looking for, what sizes you're after and we'll do the rest. You can either call in to the store to try everything on first if you want, or simply buy the gear online after you've decided and we'll arrange delivery to your home. Or if you prefer, we can make an appointment for you to call in after work - even if the shop is normally closed (appointments available 7 days a week up to 9pm).

Give it a shot. We're different to the high street big boys. We don't have rails and rails of stuff that you can't even get to because they're all so crammed together. We're not in a busy shopping centre. We're not going to ask you to join our loyalty scheme. We won't even ask you where you're going to on holiday if you don't want us to! We just want the whole experience of buying a new top to be a bit more easier.

What have you got to lose?

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