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Chain stores vs Independent stores

2019 is the year of independent shopping. We have seen a massive shift in shopping habits across the UK already with many of the big names struggling to survive which is why your independent stores are so important to support.

Primark Newcastle - absolutely huge

Destinations like Primark definitely have earned their place in our lives but we've put together a few reasons why shopping independent makes more sense than always using the chain stores. There's room for everyone of course, but we are so passionate about indie shopping and we want you to be too!

No mass production

Absolutely NOTHING that we sell is printed on a production line churning out thousands of the same thing every day.

The majority of our suppliers produce everything in small runs and we only get around a dozen of each product. This means that as well as it being exclusive to us, it is almost exclusive to you too.

Many of our local suppliers use other local businesses for their printing, embroidering and finishing requirements. The chain of links going on is pretty impressive!

You're not a sheep

Continuing from the first point, because everything we sell is made in small batches, everyone across the world is NOT wearing it!

Let's face it, you want to wear something special and a bit unique. Not something which your mate next door has also got on his back... or your cousin who lives in Australia!

Generally, when our stocks have sold out - that's it. Sometimes popular demand dictates a re-run of certain items but most of the time the 'limited edition' availability means that each item isn't going to be around forever.

Pay cheap, get cheap

Discount clothes stores can afford to sell a t-shirt for a few quid becuase they get them made in the thousands and sell in all of their shops not only in the UK but across the world.

In reality, if you're paying £3.99 for a t-shirt the chances are that the fabric is going to be very thin, the quality isn't going to be spot on and it probably isn't going to last more than a few washes before it starts to lose shape and colour.

We don't sell t-shirts for £3.99. But at the same time we don't sell them for £75.00. Our t-shirts range from around £15.00 to £30.00 and this is on par with some of the well known retailers such as Next.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we don't really have many customers who return what they've bought. They might exchange it for a different size, but we issue very few refunds. This is because you're paying for excellent quality and this lasts wear after wear, wash after wash.

Our gear is not just 'holiday gear'. You will be putting it back in your suitcase and wearing it when you get home too!

We support local designers

One of the most important elements of Hamiedog is that we support local designers. Men and women who have so much talent but just need a bit of extra help to get their brands out there.

Over 95% of the stock that we sell has been supplied from a label based in the north-east.

We have raised the profile of many north east designers and in turn have provided them with an income to help them continue to come up with more fantastic ideas. This is what happens when you buy one of their products - the money they receive is invested straight back into their business... their north-east business. Every sale that we make contributes to the local economy and this is something which is extremely vital at the moment.

Love the north east?

We do. And we're passionate about showing everyone else why it is such a great place to be.

Many of our designs are inspired by local landmarks such as St Mary's Lighthouse, as shown in this photo, and we know that often our products are sent across to the other side of the world to people who have moved away but still want to fly the flag for their beloved north-east England.

Keep flying that flag, folks. In fact, share it with us - where is the furthest place we can see someone wearing a product they've received from Hamiedog in Whitley Bay?

There's room for everyone

It's true. We all shop at the chain stores and many of us shop independently too. The high street is evolving but we need you to remember that without independent, family run, small businesses being part of it that every high street will start to look identical. We don't want that, do we?


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