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Shopping with us during Tier 4 restrictions

Welcome to 2021. Like the majority of England we are now in another lockdown style restriction with the introduction of Tier 4 from 31 December. As we are classed as 'non-essential' we have been forced to close our store door once more (although supermarkets don't seem to have been affected again). Rather than get into the politics of it all, which frankly we can't really be bothered with, here's how you can shop with us during this period.

Online shopping

Our web store is operating as normal and the majority of our stock is available from it. We're regularly adding new items to the line up so please keep coming back regularly.

Stock levels are live so if something is showing as available, then it normally should be. There may be rare times when the website isn't quite up to date but if this happens we will let you know.


We're offering standard postage options as normal.

Local delivery

Our free local delivery offer is also still available. As long as you live within the selected postcode areas you can choose the free doorstep delivery option during checkout. We will observe all social distancing guidelines and it will be us delivering your order, not a courier service. Therefore if you go for this option, please ensure that you are going to be at home to take the order. If not, we will leave it on your doorstep but can't be held responsible for what might happen to it after we leave.

Click and Collect

The government has allowed click and collect to also continue during lockdown. This means that you can choose the store collection option during checkout. Please note that as the shop itself is closed, we are only going to be able to offer you a Click and Collect pickup window of a Saturday between 11:00am and 2:30pm. We are going to be at the shop especially for the collection of online orders during this time. You will not be able to come in to the shop, but please knock on our door and we will come to you. You will need to confirm your name and if possible please show us your confirmation email. We hope you can understand that it's just not possible for us to wait at the shop every day for online order collections as this could make for a very long day when the actual store is closed.

Wish order collections

We have a separate help page for those customers who use our store as a collection point for their Wish shopping orders. Please check it out here.

Returns, exchanges, refunds

At the moment we would prefer to wait until the shop is open again to deal with returns, exchanges and refunds. We will extend the returns period to account for lockdown. However, we understand that you might need your order issue resolving sooner rather than later. In this case please drop us an email to and explain exactly what the problem is. We'll do our best to reply to you within 48 hours, with a hope of speedily resolving the issue. Please don't come to the door with a return, unless we have agreed this already.

Questions or queries?

This situation, although we have been through it before, is still unsettling to everyone. Guidelines seem to be changing sometimes on a daily basis so please bear with us. As we aren't in the shop as often during lockdown, contacting us on the phone is not the quickest way of getting in touch because we aren't there to take the call. Instead please email us any questions or queries to Please be as detailed as possible and we will reply as soon as we can.

This is far from ideal but the end is hopefully in sight. Lockdown is happening in the hope that it slows down the spread of covid-19 until we are all safely vaccinated. We all have a part to play, whether we agree with the government's stance or not... now is not the time to complain about the situation. We have to accept what it is and deal with it as best we can.

We hope that you will all continue to shop local in 2021. We still have the same amount of fantastic goods available, the only difference is the way you will be buying them. The big players like the supermarkets are allowed to open and sell whatever they want to people. They can take the hit if you don't go there for that t-shirt or sweater. Small businesses like ours can't take as much of that hit so please bear that in mind when thinking about your new year shopping.

Thank you all so much for the loyalty and support you have shown us already. We've been here before and we got through it together. Let's stay positive and do the same again.

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